Intro with background video and color overlay. Show your users the most advanced way in using video displays that keep them on your page! 



Full width intro with videos with adjustable height, background image, parallax effect and a video section.

GHI Digital developing video website landing pages is all about progression to keep your users informed about your company or produce. Video Website page Builder gives you the opportunity creating responsive engaging pages, all mobile and tablet friendly. GHI Digital website video development platform can offer you all the bells and whistles needed to blow your own trumpet. It also gives you the freedom to present yourself visually in the most professional way. This is the most advanced way in video marketing and advertising currently available on the internet.

Video marketing has taken the internet by storm in recent years and as statistics show 57% of internet traffic now watches videos rather than reading content pages, and say by 2019 this will increase to 80%. A staggering 500 million hours of watching videos on YouTube is done every single day. Adding a video on your landing page will increase engagement and increase the time users spend on your website. In the eyes of Google’s algorithms the longer users stay on a webpage this increases you page ranking points within their search results, benefitting in multiple ways.  

Other advantages included with video marketing is that it will most certainly improve conversions and sales. The visual aspect of watching videos is more believable plus seeing is believing as they say. Vision is our most dominating sense transmitted to the human brain, so accessing that motion is a no brainer wouldn’t you say? Users need to be made to feel they trust you, but building that trust is not easy. Spending time planning the content of the video is extremely engagement is key. GHI Digital has the expertise for all your video creation and marketing solution!