Manage and Setup Online Campaigns

Setting up an online campaign can be as complex as you want it to be, however at GHI we find the simplest campaigns always work out the best. Shout it out loud and use infographics effectively!

Setting up an Online Marketing Campaign?

What is needed to get started!

Planning and organising your online marketing campaign does not need to cost a lot of money to get started and to start generating targeted traffic and sales. Social Media and SMS messaging campaigns work faster than any other form of on page website Search Engine Optimization SEO.

With a bit of research and knowledge and deciding which is your target market you can tap in and implement a marketing campaign online within days.

Follow these few simple steps below and get your marketing campaign followers visiting your website page quickly increasing your return of investment.

The few steps below should help you decide what’s needed before running any online marketing campaign!

1 - Defining Your Customers

Defining your customer is as important as defining your products or branding for your business. If you have not yet done a marketing plan within your business plan, then you need to think about doing this as it will keep you more focused on what message you want perceived. Find a Unique Selling Point and proposition that stands out from the crowd and sounds enticing so the user so they can’t resist clicking your link!

Questions you should be asking yourself before running any online marketing campaign;

• Is your preferred targeted customer male or female?

• Does your preferred customer work from or at home most of the time?

• Your preferred customer job title, employed or self-employed, executive, manager, worker, entrepreneur, teacher, parent, age group, etc.?

• What is the net individual or household income of your customer targeting.?

• The level of education example degree, College University, Masters etc.?

• What spending budget for my product/service will your targeted customer have, occasional or on a constant basis.?

• How do my perfect customers use my product/service - do they buy it for themselves or as a gift?

• Will your customer spend a lot of time online, is it minimal and at what time do they use the internet the most?

• Where does your customer look the most for the product or service you’re be selling, online or offline.?

Once you have answered the above questions, you should have a better idea of where to start looking to place your online marketing campaign and what message you want to write to your potential users.

2 - Choose Your Target Market

Where are you thinking to post your ad campaign? Coordinating your campaign over a few different sites is a good way to start with split testing. What this means is setting up a few different adverts on different platforms to see which one gets the best response or results and then focus from there.

The timing of running your campaign can also be a major factor to the results, so split testing the times when posting an advert is as important so consider which day, time, holiday periods to post and don’t forget time zones depending on your focussed target market.

Advertising across several sites in small amounts to start with is the most effective marketing campaign as this will determine where your markets interact most from. If you are seen in several places at the same time your visibility will be that much stronger. Make sure you use the same branding so to get rec

Complementary sites can help to advertise on when planning a marketing online campaign as the user on that site has an interest on that market already so think carefully about these thing before deciding where to advertise.

When considering to advertise on a website or social media network site make sure the campaign is tight, meaning the process from start to finish for the user is as easy as one, two, three to checkout or subscription depending on the end results you are looking for! Send out Newsletter for your advert subscribers through an autoresponder, look at factors such as;

• The traffic the site gets you want to advertise on?

• Search engine placement can the site your advertising on be found easily?

• How many external links from that site your advertising on go to other sites?

• Are competitors of yours already advertising on this websit?

• Is the advertising platform going to be a complementary nature to your business?

• Is the site unrelated to your business for generating intended traffic to your site?

3 - Pay Per Click Advertising

Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising is a good consideration for your marketing campaign. If you're new to Pay Per Click advertising, stick to places that allow you to set limits on daily expenditures like Facebook and Twitter as a few examples. This helps you to experiment with split testing different ads and determine the most effective keywords by paying close attention to the analytics which should been already built into you online marketing campaign.

4 - Monitoring Your Conversion Rates

Conversion rates are if not one of the most important process to any online marketing campaign as analytics can judge whether or not you advertising budget is being thrown down the pan!

You will need to determine exactly what parts to measure, for example at what point are the visitors leaving your advert campaign, how long are they staying on you website page once landing there. Conversion rates can give you huge amount of data from the analytics you receive back from your split testing campaign.

5 – Set a Budget

While some think the budget should be the first step, realistically you are better off having an idea about the budget but may wish to decrease or increase as the results of the campaign start filtering through. As example if you start will a low budget which we recommend and you start getting good conversion rates then that would be a good time to increase as you’ve tapped in to a successful market, however if your results are limited you may consider moving the advert campaign elsewhere?

Unfortunately, running any advertising campaign the results cannot be guaranteed as many factors kick in to place, however if the campaign is managed correctly with small amounts at a time eventually you will find the right places to run you ads on giving you the return of investment you wanted from the start, but this can take time!


Please contact us first to arrange a free consultation before we are able to determine what is the best plan of action to take for setting up a online marketing campaign for you.

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