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β€œGHi Digital designed and developed a really amazing app that has made our business expand to a level we could not have imagined! We would highly recommend using GHI digital and their service and support was second to none. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank them for a fabulous APP and thanks again for all your efforts that went in to publishing it on the Apple and Google Play Stores!”


β€œFirstly, all hands off to you guys for all your effort and the fab website you designed and developed for us. The super tools added where we login and edit the website ourselves works great. Good work GHI Digital. We are updating it again soon with further advance digital functionality, so we are sure to be coming back as we know you can handle anything we ask for, and you are always there when needed. Great experience!”


β€œAt first glance your server looks a innovative tool with CPanel, Softaculous & SSL all thrown in, plus was given a month’s free trial which wasn’t to be discarded. This gave time to see if it was what we needed & to get set up. The focus & time given whenever we needed support was there. The migration was simple and we were backed up and running within 24 hours. Absolutely what we needed, you have a client for life! Kind Regards.”

GHI has been designing and developing digital marketing solutions on-line since 1999 and has seen many changes along the way. These changes without being modest have educated us to a point that there is not much we don’t understand, however we still need to stay focused more than ever as the online strategies still keep changing and moving forwards extremely fast!

Throughout all the twisting and turning from one way to another, jumping through the hoops and avoiding the curves, our main quest is always to support our business and more importantly pass this knowledge on to our clients "you the business user".

Today whether you’ve noticed it or not social media, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus, Reddit and Instagram are just a few to mention and all have a huge impact with your online marketing success, therefore this is why we spend a considerable amount of time with making sure our customers understand the importance of followers, likes, friend and with reviews in the forefront of how people perceive you online.

Websites, mobile apps, video, SSL, hosting and SEO is just a small part of what you need to understand before trying to wriggle you way through the online swamp land. Many have fallen before they've even started, so we must be doing something right as we are still standing after all these years!

Videos have sky rocketed with Mobile App Marketing not far behind, and linking them all up in the right way has its implications, you will be surprised the power behind using these tools can make to online marketing strategy. Analytics plays another very important part as you need to visibly see the results they achieve!

GHI Digital have achieved outstanding results not only for our clients but one of our videos with very little work has achieved over 17,000 view over a small amount of time, plus one of our apps has over 70 to 100 targeted downloads per day. Just think of what this could do for your business ROI!

Collecting data and using analyses stats in an efficient way can increase visual results, so it’s important always to pay attention when running a online digital marketing business campaign.

With tools including a Facebook Fan Page Apps it’s now possible with social media to micro target your audience and have a real social engagement with devastating results!

Join GHI in the new world of digital expression and grow your business with us as the world changes, hopefully into a better place for us all to live in peace and harmony.

If you would like to find out more on how to start to advance more in a digital way please do not hesitate to contact us as we would be interested in hearing your stories!

We all at GHI look forward to hearing from you soon.

Kind regards and best wishes


Our Team

Shape your future with a project with sharp refined design and coded functions.

Abanoub has been working with GHI Digital for over 7 years now and with her Social marketing experience over the years she has become extremely more knowledgably and knows the online marking platform extremely well!

Suffian has an acute eye for detail and there's nothing she cannot turn her hands to. Her web developing and digitally skills are advanced as you can get. Been with GHI for several years and is always surprising us with her results!

Need to find out more about the services offered at GHI, well Jhollam is the one with all the knowledge. Just open up a support ticket or use the dedicated chat box where we will be able to answer any questions you might have!

Online marketing is not as easy as one thinks as algorithms are changing constantly and this is where Kevin comes in. To date has produced some outstanding results and is available to assist with your online marketing campaign! 

Lian has all the skills needed for all mobile app development on a digital platform. Whether you need publishing on Apple, Android or Window app store platforms he knows his stuff. Also available for help and support!

Gary is in the forefront of GHI Digital and most of the time is dealing with new inquiries apart from washing up the tea and coffee cups left behind. Whatever your need are let me know? He also makes a wicked cup of coffee lol!