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GHI Digital Marketing Solutions has been working online digitally offering its services successfully since 1999 and have assisted many worldwide clients to achieve their marketing goals!

In many instances we offer a free digital marketing solution consultation that includes a detailed outline of what we recommend is required so everything is crystal clear prior to any publishing engagement.

We will even go as far as taking a small deposit so you get to see the results before fully committing and for you to make absolutely sure we are doing what we said we would in the first instance!

The online digital internet market place moves at an incredibly fast pace today and over the years we have seen many changes along the way.

These changes have educated us to a point there is very little we don’t understand however we need to continue to stay focused on what’s new with algorithm as update developments are thrown out by the decision makers of which we have to follow suit and are unfortunately out of our control!

By joining, engaging or subscribing to GHI digital marketing solutions today will give you the edge you have been looking for over your competitors in this new world of digital expression. Let us help grow your business to the next level you’ve probably been waiting or looking for!

It’s so simple to start your digital journey with our free offers that come available only to our subscribers of which can be done now by clicking here!

GHI offer a branded solution service available to everyone who has an interest in branding, developing a bigger presence online and has a desire for generating targeted traffic on the internet for their business or project!

Our Digital Internet Marketing Solutions @GHI include services such as  Cloud Server with dedicated Software, Mobile App, Social Media, Video Creation, SMS Messaging, Website Design and Developers, programming plus so much more!

Studying the internet has become a passion of ours therefore whatever we learn we pass on to our valued clients and always guarantee to go the extra mile and making sure we deliver what was requested in the first instant.

Using analytics effectively of which is always a necessity to monitor traffic and conversion rates and are the most important process to any online marketing campaign.  Analytics will judge whether or not you advertising digital marketing campaign is working and then scaling from there which sometimes needs what’s called split testing?

Split testing is used by creating several adverts or campaigns using the information desired. Within these campaigns we recommend implementing several targeted keywords and then monitoring which ones work the best, then progressing from there. Successful campaigns need to be worked on and tweaked in order to benefit the most from.

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For example some of the key points to be looking at as example; ‘at what point are the visitors entering and then leaving your site’ or campaign, ‘how long are they staying before leaving’. Conversion rates can give you huge amount of data using analytics for within split testing campaigns!

It’s always best to set a budget before proceeding with any digital marketing solution campaign so it can be scaled accordingly without breaking the bank before you start although as little as £100 could get you started!

Please do not hesitate to contact us as we would be very interested in hearing your storey as we know everyone has one!

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2018 Where To Go From Here!

Whether you are a beginner or been involved working online like we have for over 17 years everything has changed which is why we say 2018 and where do you go from here?

Many might disagree but in the digital world of internet marketing online today we are pretty much all faced with a new learning curve that is more advanced than ever before, and beginners may find it almost impossible to catch on unless you’ve recently come out of college or university with a degree!

To be continued shortly