Are you looking for a successful digital customer experience that is based on a combination of digital professional services? In this rapidly changing digital online world it requires lots of previous experience knowing what is needed to be offered!

Using the knowledge we have have gained over the years and keeping up to date with the rapid changing trends enables us to offer the right approach delivering a service that is right for you and your business needs!

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Free Cloud Website Hosting

Cloud Website Hosting is available free and comes with a one month trial allowing you to scale your business on a cloud server as needed as you grow online! Extremely fast, secure and reliable servers guaranteed with cPanel SSL encryption all comes included!


cPanel Cloud Backup and Restore

When you host your digital needs on our cloud servers you donít need to worry about losing your data as we backup regular and you gain access to an easy one click backup button that comes as standard within cPanel or create full server backups yourself locally. Donít be the one to get caught out!

Backing Up

Digital Marketing Business Solutions

GHI Digital offer a vast range of online digital marketing solutions no matter what size your business is or what your needs are, as we use scalable campaigns with analytics built in enabling you to see the results. Let us help take your business to the next level!

Digital Marketing

Domain Name Registrations and Management

Ever online business needs a Domain Name. GHI Digital offer a full range of domain services from registrar registrations to transfers and full DNS and admin management. We always register a domain name in the customerís name and trading address so itís always stays youíre and not ours!

Domain Names

Mobile App Design and Development Platform

Mobile app's are a great way of marketing and can take your business to the next level. At GHI Digital we design and develop bespoke app's with cross platform usability and publish them on all the major mobile app stores. Let us build you a mobile app and give you a chance to use it with a 31 day free trial period. All app's are regularly updated all inclusive, so no need to worry about upgrading as the platforms change. Dynamic and Static Mobile Apps Development Available!

Mobile Apps

Digital Programming Solutions Online

Working online can cause many unforeseen issues when creating and stamping your authority on the internet today. Development and marketing need programming skills so you can reach out to your target audience in a digital way. GHI Digital offer a full range of programming skills able to overcome all the challenges faced with working online!

Programming Online

Bulk SMS Text Messaging Services

Does your business have a large collection of client mobile phone numbers stored away somewhere on a computer or in a database and do not use them and are just collecting dust? Well if you do you are leaving a massive marketing opportunity off the table. GHI Digital build a bespoke SMS text messaging marketing campaign with analytics incorporated. We then pre-set timer send out to your list and just charge for the text messages sent. A very powerful way of generating new business!

SMS Text Messaging

Social Media Marketing

Building a Social Media Marketing campaign for any business can be extremely time consuming and costly to manage to say the least. At GHI Digital we have a Social Media Marketing solution tailored to each individual business needs. Donít miss out on the opportunity for generating more traffic and increasing your business presence online. Social Media campaigns easily accessible with automotive posting scheduling software available.

Social Media Services

SSL https Encryption

Encrypting your website is a must have and a very important part of your online presence today as most of the top browsers refusing to access your website if not SSL Encryption protected. Without this leaves the door open and exposed for all kinds of unwanted vulnerable online attacks. Let GHI Digital implement your SSL encryption today!

SSL Encrypted

Website Design and Development

Did you know there is a lot of difference between the design and development when creating a website? If not dealt with and approached individually youíre end up with a pretty looking website but it not able to do anything else! This has to be one of the biggest mistakes made when building a new website. If your site is not SEO optimised for the major search engines it will not receive any additional traffic of which really should be the main goal. Let GHI guide you on the path to success when building a website platform!

Website Design

Cloud Website Hosting

Let GHI Digital take you on a digital journey with web hosting. Let us educate you by hosting all your online needs on our cloud hosting servers. All one year hosting packages come with free SSL, free cPanel, free domain and also includes full migration. Migration consists from taking your current host data and transferring on to our state of the art advanced web hosting secure cloud server platform! We give a free one month trial with the option to pay annually or monthly thereafter with prices starting from just £2.97.

Website Hosting

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