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GHI Digital have been developing marketing solutions on-line since 1999 and seen many changes along the way.
These changes have educated us to a point that there is not much we don’t understand online, however we still need to stay focused more than ever as online strategies keep changing and moving forwards extremely fast!
Throughout all the twisting and turning from one way to another, jumping through the hoops and avoiding the curves, our main quest is always to support our business and more importantly pass this knowledge we’ve gained on to our clients "you the business users".
Today whether you’ve noticed it or not social media, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google, Reddit and Instagram all have a huge impact with any online marketing success, therefore this is why we spend a considerable amount of time making sure our customers understand the importance of followers, likes, friend, testimonials and reviews being in the forefront of how people perceive your online footprint!
Websites, apps, video, SSL, hosting and SEO is just another part of what we all need to understand before trying to wriggle through the online swamp land.
Many have fallen before they've even started, so we must be doing something right as we are still standing with proven results after all these years!
Videos have sky rocketed with Mobile App Marketing not far behind, and linking them all up together in the right way has massive implications. You will be surprised the power behind using these tools making an online marketing strategy a success!
GHI Digital have achieved outstanding results for our clients with one video published achieving over 17,000 genuine targeted view in a small amount of time, plus a mobile apps reaching over 70 to 100 targeted downloads per day.
Analytics plays a crucial role as you need to visibly see the marketing results achieved!
Just think of what this could do for your business and ROI (return on investment)!
Collecting data and using analyses stats in an efficient way can increase your visual results and then tweaking as necessary, so it’s always important to pay close attention when running an online digital marketing business campaign.
With tools including Google Business Plus, Twitter and a Facebook Fan Page Apps it’s now possible with social media advertising to micro target an audience that has a real social engagement with devastating results!
Join GHI in the new world of digital expression and grow your business with us to the next level. Watch with us as the online world progressively changes hopefully into a better place for us all to live in peace and harmony!
If you would like to find out more on how to start marketing your business in a digital way please do not hesitate to contact us as we are always interested in hearing your stories!
Best Wishes
From all the Team @GHIDigital


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